Baruffi Engineering Srl


Viale Isonzo, 72
42121 Reggio Emilia, Italien

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Ten years after the inauguration of Baruffi Composites, Baruffi Engineering was born, representing for all intents and purposes an increase in the company's know-how. This has allowed the company to expand the services it offers. It was born from the need to create a new structure that could give room for the creation of entire projects and the engineering of them with composite material. The design service allows the company to speed up the process offered to customers and also constitutes an important added value.

Our Production Process

Baruffi Engineering deals with the implementation of the project starting from its conception.

2. DESIGN The second step is to concretize that Ideation through design.

3. DEVELOPMENT Through the use of state-of-the-art design tools, the product is developed so that it is efficient and conforms to the customer's requirements.

4. PROTOTYPING After the product engineering process, we move on to prototyping.

5. MANUFACTURING Production will be entrusted to Baruffi Composites, which will develop and assemble the different parts in order to obtain a qualitatively excellent result.

6. TESTING In this last step, a simulation is carried out both at the physical and software level.


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