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Nalucoat can develop and apply green surface finishing on aluminum and light alloys parts, also when included in fibre reincorced composites components, to make them fully recyclable and environmental friendly, being Cr-free. 

Nalucoat innovative treatments are hard and durable and can be easily applied (by spray coating) on metal inserts in composites regardless the type of fibre (e.g. C or flax) or polymer matrix. Coated aluminum can resist at least one hundred, up to several hundred hours of neutral salt spray (ISO 9227 NSS) depending on coating type. The composite itself would also benefit (e.g. increased abrasion resistance, emissivity, IR reflectivity, soil and water repellency).

The process can be called “cold vitrification”: the single-component precursor formulations are  self-levering, and fast convert to  a  fully environmental friendly and completely non toxic, with minor functional additions, which can tailor the nanostructure and surface characteristics, including glossy or matte finish.


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Green & Cr-free surface finishing on Al or light alloys parts or Al inserts included in composite parts, improving LCA and recyclability and extending the range of functionalities and perceived value for the design product.

The new solution is ready to unlock a new paradigm in sustainability in the high end up to the medium end automotive, achieved by substituting painting with ultra thin vetrification, which is applicable to metal parts or hybrid components, made of composites with metallic inserts, but also on innovative biobased composites required for C neutrality. The advantages of the new solution are (1) elimination of Cr-plating, unlocking closed loop recycling of Al, avoiding use of toxix Cr and critical raw materials such as Ni, employed as a preparation layer (2) weight reduction by substituting conventional painting with vetrification and environmental advantages connected to avoidance of galvanic bathes and microplastics in the oceans (more than half of which connected to EOL of paintings); (3) superior surface finishing (e.g. self-cleaning, super hydrophobic, no “plastic effect”, higher endurance and durability, non toxicity, bacteriostacity, UV resistance, fire resistance, anti-ice effect).