TRI-BLUE Laserbeugungsinstrument mit 3 blauen Lasern 0,01 - 780 µm
CompanyMicrotrac GmbH
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When looking for an accurate solution for measuring wet suspensions under 1 micron, look no further than the TRI-BLUE, the only laser diffraction particle size analyzer that fully agrees with Dynamic Light Scattering data.

The TRI-BLUE is the latest laser diffraction particle size distribution analyzer from Microtrac’s acclaimed product line.  The TRI-BLUE is the first analyzer to use three fixed, blue laser diodes to measure wet suspensions from 10 nanometers to 700 microns. What sets the TRI-BLUE apart is it’s ability to precisely and accurately measure particles under 1 micron, by taking full advantage of the superior resolution enabled by the shorter wavelength of the blue lasers.

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