Dr. PhD in Chemistry Claudio Mingazzini
"If you can think it, you can do it"

Senior researcher in ENEA Faenza, coordinator of high TRL funded projects (;;; or of ENEA Faenza activities in project coordinated by others (; in collaboration with Industry on the topic of material science, spacing from advanced technical ceramics (processing and characterisations), to renewable energy production (CSP and kites), to composites (prepreg and SMC development; recyclable & biobased composites; warm pressing; Out-of-Autoclave curing: composites for battery boxes and wind energy; sandwiches) for transport and constructions (working on recyclability, fire resistance and thermostructural CMC), to biomass feedstock and secondary raw material exploitation, to high performance coatings (e.g. sol-gel with 2D nanoadditives) and H2 exploitation (in hard-to-abate, storage et c), to automotive recyclable structural materials and their massive industrial exploitation.