Dr. Jaime Ochoa
"FUNDACION CIDETEC is an organization for applied research, with expertise in Surface Engineering, polymer and composite material, nanomedicine, biomaterials and energy storage."

FUNDACION CIDETEC is an organization for applied research founded in 1997, whose goal is to provide valuable solutions to companies by means of generating and transferring technological knowledge. CIDETEC is part of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network and is located at the Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park in San Sebastian. 

CIDETEC has an annual turnover of 12 M€ and counts on a staff of more than 170 employees, of whom 90% are university graduates and > 50% hold a PhD.

CIDETEC is divided in three institutes:

- CIDETEC Energy Storage: Specialised in creating new battery technology and facilitating its transfer to industry. The institute has the capacity to develop complete products and processes and offers material validation, pilot manufacture, pack engineering and battery testing services.

- CIDETEC Surface Engineering: Focused on the development of surfaces and materials and their application methods on different type of substrates (metals, polymers and composites) throughout the entire value chain mainly for automotive, aerospace and power generation sectors. This is possible through the application of different solutions, such as innovative high-performance and multifunctional coating systems (e.g. omniphobic and REACH compliant coatings) and break-through materials (e.g. reprocessable, recyclable and repairable resins and composites based on proprietary tech called 3R).

- CIDETEC Nanomedicine, devoted to the development of innovative materials in the field of biomedicine. The institute bases its activity on the creation of its own technology and currently has obtained patents for three product families, with several more applications pending. Its direct contact with industry enables it to complete technology transfer, reducing time to market.

Each institute has its own offices and installations furnished with top-of-the-line equipment, among them a pilot plant for integrated battery manufacture; equipment to synthesise, characterise and process polymers and advanced composites; laboratories completely equipped for surface study, characterisation and treatment; and 150 m2 of rooms classified and prepared for GMP-standard product manufacture in the biopharmaceutical sector.

Concerning international background, CIDETEC has an outstanding performance in EU funded projects. CIDETEC is currently involved in:21 projects in H2020, 8 of them coordinated by CIDETEC: NANOPILOT, PEPTICAPS, INNPAPER (NMBP-PILOTS), KARMA H2020 (SPIRE), MAT4RAIL (Shift2Rail), ECOXY (BBI),  iModBatt (Green Vehicles) and ECOLAND (Clean Sky2).1 project in LIFE+ Program: RECYSITE.