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52499 Baesweiler, 

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Phone+49 2401 6921 341

AIXaTECH is a volume manufacturer of single crystal AlN templates, to enable an efficient GaN growth for LEDs and power electronic devices.

Compared with the conventional approach of growing GaN-based layers in a standard MOCVD reactor on sapphire substrates, the growth on templates generated with AIXaTECH’ s patented low temperature deposition technology offer decisive functional and cost advantages.


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Together with the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore AIXaTECH demonstrated metal-insulator-semiconductor high-electron-mobility transistors (MISHEMT) with a low-temperature epitaxy (LTE)-grown single crystalline AlN gate dielectric. The excellent results achieved make LTE grown AlN an excellent alternate material as gate dielectric for GaN-based MISHEMT application and put AIXaTECH on the cover of the publication.Dr. Dikme, CTO of AIXaTECH, explains: “Prior to the overgrowth of the HEMT, the growth of LTE AlN on GaN on sapphire was investigated. This basic work was necessary since LTE AlN only on GaN on sapphire can be clearly identified by XRD whereas the GaN layers on silicon have AlN interlayers falsifying the XRD results. Several processes have been made with different...

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