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CNM Technologies develops and markets Carbon Nanomembranes (CNMs) for various applications such as filtering and surface protection. CNMs are molecular thin, Carbon-based polymeric films and thus the thinnest possible plastic film. CNM properties include amongst others easy chemical functionalisation, possible intrinsic perforation, and the option of conversion into high-quality graphene sheets. A variety in production methods - from integration into large area membranes for industrial-scale separation to CMOS-compatible manufacturing for sensor applications - is feasible. Our team consists of chemists, physicists, engineers and business development experts. We are currently working on the ramp-up of the manufacturing and on projects to integrate CNMs into various customer systems.

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We are hiring CNM Technologies GmbH is an innovative deeptech start-up company located in Bielefeld (Germany). We are the sole supplier of Carbon Nanomembranes (CNMs), a molecular thin, carbon-based polymeric 2D-sheet material. Applications are in sensor technology (surface functionalisation), energy, semiconductor manufacturing and especially in water filtration and separation. Since CNMs are highly permeable for water, while blocking anything else like salt and small organic molecules, they can enable a hitherto non-attainable separation efficiency in novel water treatment applications compared to existing membrane technology. A variety in production methods - from large area CNM-composite membranes for water filtration to CMOS-compatible integration into devices -...
Pressemitteilung von CNM Technologies:Am sofort haben Kunden wieder die Möglichkeit, einige unserer Standardprodukte in unserem neugestalteten Online-Shop zu kaufen. Überzeugen Sie sich selbst! Seit Mitte Juli 2016 hat CNM Technologies wieder einen Online-Shop: der alte Shop wurde in Design, Inhalt und Funktionalität modernisiert und an das Design der aktuellen Webseite angepaßt.Für den Bereich der TEM Grids bietet CNM Technologies nun vier Produkte in zwei verschiedenen Ausführungen auf zwei unterschiedlichen Trägersubstraten an. Überzeugen Sie sich durch einen Klick auf den entsprechenden Shop-Link auf der Startseite oder direkt Produkte wir dort anbieten und für welche Anwendungen sie geeignet sind. Sollten Sie für...

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