M.A. Dipl. Ing. Manuel Adolfo La Rosa Betancourt

Manuel is the founder and director of PI Integral Solutions Limited.  This small firm is focused on providing innovation engineering and strategic outsourcing consulting services to customers in different geographical locations across the globe.
He founded the company in 2009 with the aim to supply consulting services for the cable industry mostly focused on product and compound development based on high performance elastomers. However, it was only in 2013 when together with Eudys Guevara, they gave form and edge to the business model pursuing to revolutionize the area of consulting services for innovation management  by setting up a combination of professional and technical expertise acquired  in the area of engineering polymers, high performance rubbers, metal production processes and ceramics together with a vast  global network for addressing challenges in specialized markets such as: Mining, Oil & Gas (Subsea, Offshore), Pharmaceutical among others. In 2014 Manuel decided to leave his position as Global Product Manager at Hansen & Rosenthal Group and dedicated exclusively to build and consolidate PI Integral Solutions. After 15 years accumulating knowledge and expertise in the chemical industry the time has come for steering his own company and achieving his vision in the consulting services market. The skills and expertise accumulated covered a wide spectrum of areas. He worked as the head of Global Product Development for the Process Oils business unit at Hansen and Rosenthal Group in Hamburg, identifying new market segments aiming to diversify the existing product portfolio and to grow customer base in different geographical regions, such as Asia and South America. He developed the core competences in marketing, strategy and customer management during his time at the global American giant Honeywell. His main task was to develop and to implement a strategy for building the business unit research chemicals in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), as well as growing and consolidating the network of distributors in the Middle East and Europe for high purity solvents, inorganic salts, acids and bases used in applications in specialty markets such as pharmaceutical biotechnology and petrochemicals. Previously he built up considerable expertise in the area of high performance rubbers and chemicals used for the development of special compounds for cables and automotive applications at the German chemical manufacturer LANXESS. The scope of his work as technical marketing manager for Europe Middle East Africa was to develop solutions in the area of halogen free flame-retardants, Oil resistant and Low Temperature Resistance Properties and novel filler systems for cable compounds as well as, developing new crosslinking technologies such as electron beam and silane crosslinking applied to HNBR and EVM rubbers for specialty markets such as offshore, wind turbines, photovoltaic panels, mining, defense, marine. Along with this product and application development record, he was in charge of coordinating R&D activities for the cable industry in Lanxess facilities in USA and China. During this time he participated in many international events as Keynote speaker and many seminars and symposia across the globe.  The beginnings of his international experience started in his role as an application development and technical customer support engineer at the French multinational Rhodia Engineering Plastics today Solvay mostly working for the Electrical & Electronics and Consumer & Industrial Goods market segments in Germany, Scandinavia, United Kingdom and Ireland. During this period he amassed a considerable amount of expertise in polyamide based engineering compounds. In the year 1999 he decided to leave his homeland Venezuela and pursue new challenges in Germany, he worked as a Diploma Thesis engineer at BMW, where he made his first experiences with the German working culture and the innovation philosophy within the automotive industry in Germany. Manuel has proved his resilience and flexibility during his professional career in Europe; he exceeded expectations during his academic life, and continues to demonstrate enthusiasm for learning experiences, constantly participating in courses, forums and conferences in Germany and around the world. He is tireless learner always seeking to expand his knowledge into new field of technology aiming to improve the quality of the work delivered through PI Integral Solutions to his clients. He is a prolific entrepreneur, resourceful manager and a creative mind. He sees himself a global citizen knowledgeable of many cultures and able to speak several languages. Manuel is the personification of hard work and will to succeed.

Professional background

01.2014 - 05.2014Hansen & Rosenthal AG
03.2001 - 03.2005Rhodia Engineering Plastics GmbH (Solvay Plastics)
01.2000 - 07.2000BMW AG