Challenge purpose: To develop a system of materials and advanced technologies to work in cryogenic environment.

About the challenge

Cryogenic fluids are considered a very promising potential source of storable energy for green propellants in both automotive and aerospace applications. Composite materials development in this field increases sustainability thanks to lightweight structures, leading to 30% of mass saving with respect to conventional materials.

Main cross-cutting topics:

  • Design & smart functions
  •  Recyling

Scope of the challenge

Trade-off and development of a dedicated resin system:

  •  Thermoset
  •  Thermoplastic
  •  Extreme temperature and aggressive environment (LOX = 90K)

Scope of the challenge

Trade-off between the different main technologies for the tank production with fully automated processes as:

  • Filament winding
  • Automated Fiber Placement
  • Automatic tape laying
  • LASER Assisted tape laying

Composite permeability issue and propellant storage (target linerless application)

Challenge objectives

  • To determine the best compromise between cost-saving, mass saving and performances
  • To develop breakthrough technology for cryogenic tank applications
  • To demonstrate the material and technology maturity on small scale prototypes.

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