Expert Forum “Quantum Technology & Photonics” at AKL´22

Photonic quantum technologies offer great potential for a decisive change in many social and economic areas. Solutions for the implementation and application of quantum technologies 2.0 will be presented and discussed at this year´s AKL´22 in the new expert forum “Quantum Technology & Photonics”

Photonic quantum technologies for a strong innovation ecosystem

Quantum technologies offer enormous potential for the development of disruptive applications in areas such as imaging, metrology, communications and computing. Together with international partners from research and industry, the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT develops laser-based solutions for the implementation and application of quantum technologies 2.0, in which the quantum properties of microscopic systems and individual particles can be tuned, modified and detected in a controlled manner. Through strategic initiatives and long-term collaborations, the establishment of a high-growth innovation ecosystem for quantum technologies is being driven forward locally in NRW, as well as beyond in Germany and Europe.

Photonics for quantum technologies 2.0

The precision toolbox of science and industry can be expanded by completely new possibilities with the use of second-generation quantum technologies. First realizations in secure communications, highly sensitive metrology or complex computing already illustrate the disruptive potential of future applications and justify impressive market forecasts by recognized economic experts, as well as billion-dollar investments by tech corporations and strong public funding programs by leading economies that further accelerate the technology race in these and many related areas.

Photonics is a key enabler for quantum technology-based applications. The focus of research and development is particularly on microscopically confined systems and how these can be mastered with the “light tool” and how quantum systems can be made accessible in a controlled manner. This involves the practical use of the properties of individual photons, electrons or atoms as well as quantum effects such as the superposition of states and entanglement for novel applications.

With its expertise in laser and optical technologies, Fraunhofer ILT is contributing to a broad range of topics in order to promote comprehensive scientific collaboration with German and international partners, achieve outstanding R&D results, and open up new areas of application for quantum technologies.

New in the AKL´22 program: Expert Forum “Quantum Technology & Photonics”

Results from quantum research, potentials of new quantum technologies and current approaches for industrial applications are in the spotlight of the new expert forum “Quantum Technology & Photonics” at AKL´22 - International Laser Technology Congress. On Wednesday, May 4, 2022, nine speakers from renowned institutions and companies will present research results and current developments in the fields of quantum computing, quantum sensing, quantum communication and quantum information networks, among others. Interested parties will be provided with introductions to the topics, exclusive insights and the opportunity to exchange ideas directly with experts in Aachen.

In addition to these topics, many other developments and laser technology trends from applied research as well as industrial pioneering achievements will be presented and discussed at AKL´22. These include, for example, productivity increases in additive manufacturing and AI-supported laser systems or networked digital process chains for the smart production of tomorrow.

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