Challenge purpose: Fostering automotive light-weighting structural parts using biocomposites

About the challenge

Biomaterials use can represent an important solution to reduce the carbon footprint of automotive parts production and of the full vehicle thanks to the possibility to lower the weight. Natural materials (wood, vegetal fibres) and biopolymers, also in biocomposites combination, with high mechanical characteristic, can be used for structural applications (body panels, pillars, beams, cross members).

CRF (a research centre of Stellantis company) is interested in evaluating and assess new materials based on bio and renewable resources.

Main section of application:

  •  Automotive
  • Possibly replicable to other sectors: maritime, rail…

Main cross-cutting topics:

  • Material supply & development

Scope of the challenge

  • Use of biomaterials for the production of car parts
  • Need od secure and stable renewable resources availability
  • Long term properties compatible with durable parts (10 years)
  • Guarantee recyclability at end of life vehicle

Challenge objectives

  •  Cost effective biocomposites
  •  Green content > 50%
  •  Availability of supply chain
  •  Mechanical performances 

Can you provide a solution to this challenge?
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