RIGHTWEIGHT Challenge 17

Challenge purpose: Automotive lightweight parts based on post-consumer recycled plastic

About the challenge
In order to combine the need to move toward a circular economy approach and the need to maintain the actual level of weight in the vehicles, it is fundamental to make available upgraded recycled plastic from post-consumer plastic ready to be employed in automotive parts, aesthetics or structural, in partial substitution of virgin materials.

CRF (a research centre of Stellantiscompany) is interested in evaluating and assessing new materials based on recycled from postconsumer.

Main section of application: 

  • Automotive

Main cross-cutting topics: 

  • Recycling 
  • Material supply & development

Scope of the challenge

  • The automotive industry needs to contribute to the EU circular economy approach implementing in the car recycled materials (open or closed-loop).
  • Plastics from post-consumer represent an important new resource with cost-effectiveness potential when proper supply chains are established.
  • It is also important to aim to use recycled reinforcement and fillers to increase the recycled content in the material to confer structural properties contributing to performances, including lightweighting.

Challenge objectives

  • Cost-effective recycled plastics coming from post-consumer
  • Recycled content > 50%
  • Mechanical performances comparable to virgin materials
  • Availability of supply chain

Can you provide a solution to this challenge?

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