RIGHTWEIGHT Challenge 18

Challenge purpose: Advanced Components (ETSO) for an all electric composite aircraft

About the challenge
The purpose of this challenge is to develop future aviation propulsion and integration technologies with emphasis on full-electric propulsion for Commuter Aircrafts. Thus, towards a roadmap based on key enabling technologies embedded in a new configuration, compliant with safety requirements and including full power-train installation and integration, from energy storage (batteries or other), up to power management, engine and propellers. The studies include the impact on materials and their processing into the airframe, for IRF, Lightning, EMC and Heat Exchange issues.

Main section of application: 

  • Aeronautics

Main cross-cutting topics: 

  • Design & smart functions 
  • Manufacturing & assembly 

Scope of the challenge

  • Advanced Components ETSO (smarts ystems) anti- iceing/de-iceing; lightening protection; fuel tank bludder; propellers. 
  • High-Performance Composites.

Challenge objectives

  • Effective aircraft design thanks to advanced composites
  • Effective aircraft system integration
  • Health-Monitoring systems
  • Transition to all-electric aircraft

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